Martha Virgaux

Templeuve is a smalltown in the periphery of the city of Tournai. The context is a typical case of belgian urban sprawl, agricultural lands coexists with a scattered building fabric without a clear architectural quality, the landscape is horizontal. The program concerns a professional school with an inclusive and social pedagogy. Horticulture, cooking, building construction and carpentry are the main training sections. The school is designed as an architecture at the crossroads between a classical school and a productive building. A large and low concrete roof of 3,000 m² covers the classrooms, convivial and administrative spaces. Each section possesses its own workshop’s double height space creating singular volumes emerging from the roof. An inner street lined with a serie of patio brings light and outside spaces in this unusually deep building. In general, the philosophy of the project is to assume the materiality raw construction material with a carefull implentation. This simplicity of design is also applied to the energetic approach of the with a low tech conception and all the techniques left apparent. The landscape design is active at all the scales of the projects, from the patios to the large park surrounding the building.  Thought as a functional ecosystem, we have set up an educational collaboration with the horticulture section of the school, allowing students to be integrated into the design and implementation processes.


Radim Louda, Paul Mouchet, Valentin Piret, Pierre Burquel,
Kalliopi Dimitrakopoulou

AM La Commune

  • Education
3.000 m²
Client Type
Structural Engineer
  • Greisch
Landscape Design

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